Cigarettes and vapes contain a drug: nicotine.

The illusion

"I'm not addicted — I just take the occasional puff."

The reality

"Since your body gets used to vaping, you will feel the need to vape more often to experience the effects you crave."

Focus on addiction

What do you know about addiction?

  • Cigarettes and vapes contain a drug: nicotine.
  • Nicotine addiction comes in three forms (physical, psychological and behavioural).

Nicotine addiction comes in three forms:

1. Physical
2. Psychological
3. Behavioural

Here are some signs of nicotine addiction:

  • Experiencing withdrawal or feeling like you really need to vape
  • Doing anything to get nicotine
  • Seeling anxious or irritable when you want to vape (but can't)
  • Trying to quit and relapsing over and over again
  • Continuing to use nicotine because you have trouble quitting

Trousse éducative

Les enseignant.e.s d’éducation physique et les intervenant.e.s peuvent utiliser ce matériel pour aider les jeunes à développer les compétences reconnues dans le référent EKIP.

Pouvant simplement être projeté dans le gymnase de l’école, envoyé sous forme de devoirs, ou visionné dans un atelier d’intervention, le contenu de cette trousse pourra soutenir vos interventions.

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