What does it do to me?

The illusion

“Vaping isn’t as harmful as cigarette smoking.”

The reality


Whether from vaping or tobacco smoke, nicotine can affect brain chemistry in a way that leads to depression, stress, and anxiety.


Adolescents who have tried vaping are 48% more likely to have asthma than those who never vaped.

Focus on flavoured vaping liquids.

Flavourful liquids are hiding the truth

Vaping juice comprises of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin (glycerol), flavouring, and nicotine.

5 flavour categories are prohibited for sale in Canada.

The promotion and sale of e-cigarette liquids flavoured as desserts, confectioneries, cannabis, energy drinks, or soft drinks are prohibited in Canada.

Flavouring in vaping products contains toxic and carcinogenic substances.

Heavy metals such as cadmium, lead, nickel, tin and copper are found in the aerosols of electronic cigarettes.

The risks

Repeated use of a vaping product can lead to other problems such as throat and windpipe irritation.

The transmission of cold sores and oral infections (yeast infections/oral thrush) has been on the rise with the increase in vaping products among young people.

Increases the frequency of influenza.

Trousse éducative

Les enseignant.e.s d’éducation physique et les intervenant.e.s peuvent utiliser ce matériel pour aider les jeunes à développer les compétences reconnues dans le référent EKIP.

Pouvant simplement être projeté dans le gymnase de l’école, envoyé sous forme de devoirs, ou visionné dans un atelier d’intervention, le contenu de cette trousse pourra soutenir vos interventions.

Take a stand and drop the illusion!

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