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Why do I do it?

One-third of young people in secondary 4 and 5 vape. Many do it to fit in, while others simply fall for highly effective marketing strategies. The tobacco industry targets young people with cool, colourful tech and attractive flavours. Among young people who vape, only 22% acknowledge moderate or high risks from occasional use.

The illusion

"I'm not being targeted."

The reality

35% …of secondary 5 students have vaped in the past 30 days.

Marketing strategies

Targeting minors

While prohibited by law, marketing strategies aimed at teenagers have been developed to promote a cool, rebellious lifestyle that’s entirely manufactured.

E-cigarette advertising

Despite a ban on targeted advertising, the vaping industry exposes young people to their products via social media influencers. Vaping companies often pay these people discreetly to generate buzz and clicks.

It’s all part of the plan

Design, packaging, flavours, colours, models… everything is meticulously calibrated to appeal to young people.

Influencing factors

Lack of information

Wanting to fit in

Manipulated by marketing

Educational kit

PE teachers and instructors can use this material to help young people develop the skills promoted by EKIP. Among EKIP’s many aims is to prepare our youth for challenging life experiences.

This kit is designed to support your interventions. It can be presented in gym class, assigned as homework, or shared in a workshop.

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