Why do I do it?

Often, people vape to fit in (almost a third of secondary 4 and 5 students vape). Or perhaps you’re not adequately informed of its consequences (only 22% of vapers acknowledge the moderate or high health risks associated with consumption). And last but not least, don’t underestimate the power of big tobacco. The industry targets and manipulates young people with bright colours, attractive flavours, and a tech appeal.

The illusion

It’s the marketing

The reality


35% of secondary 5 students have vaped in the past 30 days.

Focus on marketing strategies

Lifestyle promotion and marketing to minors is prohibited in Canada.

Lifestyle promotion and marketing to minors is prohibited in Canada.

Vaping ads

Despite a ban on nicotine ads, vaping products are often marketed to young people by social media influencers.

They’re engineered to catch your eye

Everything from product packaging to colours and flavours is expertly crafted to attract consumers like you.

The risks

Marketing manipulation

An attempt to fit in


Trousse éducative

Les enseignant.e.s d’éducation physique et les intervenant.e.s peuvent utiliser ce matériel pour aider les jeunes à développer les compétences reconnues dans le référent EKIP.

Pouvant simplement être projeté dans le gymnase de l’école, envoyé sous forme de devoirs, ou visionné dans un atelier d’intervention, le contenu de cette trousse pourra soutenir vos interventions.

Take a stand and drop the illusion!

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