The illusion The illusion The illusion

"It's just water vapor."

The illusion

The reality The illusion The illusion


…more likely to start smoking cigarettes if you vape.


…of young people who vape do so with an e-liquid containing nicotine.

What is vaping?

What is vaping?

Vapes, pods, mods… all these devices are designed to do the same thing: heat up a liquid to produce an aerosol. Despite what the product name suggests, there is no water “vapor” in vaping products.


How much nicotine is in e-liquids?

While manufacturers give an indication, it’s impossible to actually know the exact nicotine concentration of e-liquids.

How quickly can one become addicted?

Addiction can happen faster than you think. In Canada, one millilitre of e-liquid can contain up to 20 mg of nicotine. In a capsule, this amount translates to what’s found in around half a packet of cigarettes.

Is vaping a gateway to cigarettes?

Vaping quadruples your chances of becoming a cigarette smoker.

The risks

Flavours target young people.

Inhaling toxic and carcinogenic chemicals.

Developing a nicotine addiction.

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